LT McGuinness is committed to protecting our employees and others from accidental injury or damage from work done by and on behalf of the company.

For us, health and safety is a fundamental business objective. ACC has given LT McGuinness a tertiary health and safety rating, the highest awarded in the construction industry.

We comply with all relevant legislation including the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and its 2002 amendments, the Health and Safety Employment Regulations 1995 and all relevant codes of practice. We take all practicable steps to

  1. Provide a safe work place.
  2. Establish safe work methods that are are practised at all times, including the provision of correct safety equipment.
  3. Provide supervision and training.
  4. Ensure employees and others, including sub-contractors, understand and accept their responsibility to promote a safe and healthy place of work.
  5. Improve and update all health and safety issues with safety management and all employees on an annual basis.
  6. Consult with employee representatives on health and safety management, and support employee participation in providing a safe and healthy place of work.
  7. Strive to meet health and safety objectives, and review and evaluate their effective management.
  8. Encourage employees to use all available health providers in treating their injuries as part of their rehabilitation to ensure a safe and early return to work.
  9. Record, report and document accurately all health and safety issues and ensure our management system is reviewed on an annual basis.

LT McGuinness is a Site Safe New Zealand member.