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Building successful projects is our primary goal. We have a reputation for being innovative and can deal with the many challenges that come with construction projects

Pre construction

LT McGuinness prides itself on being the market leader in the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) process. Our comprehensive history in this space makes us the preferred contractor of choice.

Many of our most successful projects have had considerable ECI input. We play a key part in the pre-construction phase, adding value by being innovative, doing our homework and being a strong voice at the table. The more work that goes in up front, the better the resulting construction phase will be.

We understand development and the sensitivities that can occur. We must all win for a project to be successful.

An early inception phase presents a great opportunity to ‘get it right’. It has two fundamental objectives:

  1. Buildability & Design
  2. Staging & Programme

As part of our ECI plan we break up the ECI phase into a number of stages and deliverables.




Over 70 years since the simpler times of Laurie McGuinness, we have developed a reputation as market leaders in commercial construction. Our experience and our capabilities are what truly enable us to deliver.

When it comes to construction delivery, we take great pride in our honest and respectful approach.

Our simple framework is one that works best – have the same people deal with pre-construction and construction. This ensures all the knowledge gained within a project’s early phase is taken to the coalface. Commercial and strategic pre-construction decisions become ingrained in the DNA of our site teams.

Management teams on each site are formed with due consideration of relevant experience, technical expertise and culture. LTM teams are known for their ability to combine practical consideration of detail with a big picture understanding of our client’s objectives.

Safety, quality, and commercial standards are always prioritised and govern on-site decisions. All internal and external reporting is supported by systems and programmes to ensure expectations are met.

These systems are critical. LTM was the first in New Zealand to use our primary construction management platform, Procore, which is now common in the industry. Procore and other systems are our key tools in managing documentation, quality assurance, safety documentation and permits. We have also invested in highly technical 3D point-cloud scanners and BIM co-ordinated GPS lasers to support innovation and project delivery.



LT McGuinness has a well-equipped yard to provide the right tools for the job. Our strategic aim has always been to own our plant and equipment. This provides our sites with versatility and strength in performance.

Post Construction

In completing may successful projects over 70 years, relationships and our reputation across the market and within the community remain of utmost importance to us. We are proud that so much of our work comes from repeat clients who appreciate the quality of projects delivered within budget and on time.

For many, our presence during their move-in time is important. We have a dedicated division, Facilities & Maintenance, to support our commitment to a smooth handover period. They also assist with post-contract works. 

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