Facilities & Maintenance

This service maintains a building to its original top-quality design and construction standard.

We have a Facilities and Maintenance division that looks after commercial office buildings and high-end apartments. Often we’ve constructed these buildings but we also maintain premises where we’ve had no previous history.

Construction gives us a deep knowledge of a building from its core structure to finished detail. That flows through to the work of our maintenance teams in Wellington and Auckland who offer three service options:


Maintenance Services

On-the-job repairs and maintenance

We have a team of carpenters and other skilled tradespeople who can fix a loose door handle, attach a whiteboard to a wall, repair lights, replace carpet or even tweak a design by shifting an office wall or creating a new meeting room.

The team has a great reputation for working well with clients and customers. Their bread and butter is repeat business from customers who want jobs done promptly and with minimum disruption.

A dedicated maintenance team is all part of ensuring high quality appearances and ongoing building safety.

Facilities Management

Programmes to maintain and service whole facilities

Our overview of a facility allows us to develop long-term maintenance plans for building owners. These may involve:

  • Liaising with building occupiers and stakeholders
  • Response to occupier requests for maintenance
  • Contractor management through review, tender and selection
  • Coordinating planning around an asset, including property compliance
  • Budgeting and managing expenses
  • Planning preventative maintenance contracts and developing long term maintenance plans
  • Managing defect liability periods and ensuring warranty obligations are met
  • Managing onsite projects
  • Ensuring safe, immaculately maintained and well presented property

Resident Services Management

Dedicated and skilled onsite managers

High quality apartments can have a Resident Services Manager based onsite to take care of daily operations. The managers are known for great customer service and ability to carry out a wide range of tasks including:

  • Co-ordination of apartment maintenance from exterior cleaning to air conditioning maintenance
  • Providing onsite security, including regular apartment checks if occupiers are away for extended periods
  • Organising parcel deliveries to apartments, dry cleaning and vehicle pick-ups and drop-offs, and pet care
  • Booking meeting rooms, theatres and shared vehicles
  • Maintaining impeccable appearance standards
  • Keeping residents up-to-date with news about Body Corporate affairs and activities in and around the building

Our Team

Connor Barkess


7 years with LT McGuinness

Gary Ellis


21 years with LT McGuinness

Jerome Touzard

Apprentice Carpenter/Maintenance

2 years with LT McGuinness

Kirstie McGuinness

Facilities Manager

5 years with LT McGuinness

Louis Scoble

Maintenance Manager

15 years with LT McGuinness

Mark Oldfield

Facilities Manager

10 years with LT McGuinness

Mark Vonder

Property Manager Supervisor

5 years with LT McGuinness

Olivia Crabbe

Facilities Manager

7 years with LT McGuinness

Paul Pitakkul


2 years with LT McGuinness

Richard Cresswell

Carpenter / Maintenance

21 years with LT McGuinness

Robbie McGregor


4 years with LT McGuinness

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