Health & Safety

Ensuring each person’s wellbeing is embedded deep in our culture

Preventing accidents so that friends and workmates return home safely each day is only part of it. We take a big-picture view of providing a healthy and safe working environment.

For us, health and safety is a fundamental business objective. Our safety management systems are certified to ISO45001, an internationally recognised standard. We are proud to perform well in ACC’s experience rating, a reflection of a business’ injury rates.

We comply with all relevant legislation, including the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, associated regulations. In addition, we use codes of practice and good practice guidelines to support good risk management. To keep everyone safe during our work, we:

  1. Provide a safe work place.
  2. Establish safe work methods that are are practised at all times, including the provision of correct safety equipment.
  3. Provide supervision and training.
  4. Ensure employees and others, including sub-contractors, understand and accept their responsibility to promote a safe and healthy place of work.
  5. Improve and update all health and safety issues with safety management and all employees on an annual basis.
  6. Consult with employee representatives on health and safety management, and support employee participation in providing a safe and healthy place of work.
  7. Strive to meet health and safety objectives, and review and evaluate their effective management.
  8. Encourage employees to use all available health providers in treating their injuries as part of their rehabilitation to ensure a safe and early return to work.
  9. Record, report and document accurately all health and safety issues and ensure our management system is reviewed on an annual basis.

LT MCGuinness is a Site Safe New Zealand member


Outside agencies have given our health and safety measures a big tick. These show that our systems are world class and, most importantly, that they result in lower rates of harm to our workers.

We spent a year getting our systems fully up to scratch for a round of external audits early in 2021. These are followed up every year to ensure we keep raising our standards. The audits ran over two weeks and resulted in internationally recognised certification of our health, safety and environmental management systems.

Our top ACC ranking reflects a health and safety record at the top of New Zealand construction. Called an experience rating, it assesses injury rates against our peers. This means it results from our actual performance and not just our paperwork, reflecting our hard work to minimise hazards and injuries in the first place.



Safety is everyone’s responsibility and this initiative sets up a never-ending cycle of improvement across all our sites.



LT McGuinness has an established record of initiating and delivering on broader outcomes. We are on a journey of betterment and over time and with support from our clients, we will progress further.

Below are the broader outcome goals in health and safety that we have achieved; plan to do; and are aiming for long term



Our card system borrows from the world of sports and responds to whether our expectations are being met. Workers can submit a blue card telling us whether we’re meeting our own expectations. Exceeding or consistently meeting expectations will get you a green card, and falling below expectations will get you a yellow card. Critically failing to meet expectations will get you a red card and result in an immediate stand-down from work, which is usually followed up with an action plan for a safe return to work.


POWRA is a simple on-the-job risk assessment from a colour booklet of A5 tear-off sheets. It makes people step back for a moment and ask some basic questions about doing a job safely. POWRA has been translated into multiple languages including Mandarin, Filipino, Tongan, Samoan and Maori.


Every month on LT McGuinness sites all staff, including subcontractors, come together for toolbox meetings. Questions and ideas flow as different on-site groups talk about their specific H&S issues or external speakers talk about topics ranging from healthy food to fatigue.

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