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Building successful projects is LT McGuinness’s primary goal. We have a reputation for being innovative, and can deal with the many challenges that come with any construction project.

We deliver solutions because we have the right experience, resources, capability, management and workforce.

The components of our project solutions are set out below. They enable us to combine a practical consideration of detail with a big picture understanding of the client’s aims.



LT McGuinness is a third-generation family construction company with a large pool of over 350 talented and loyal staff.

We choose to permanently engage most of our construction workforce to ensure top workmanship and sound management. Many staff have worked for the company for over 10 years, and a number for more than 20 years.


In 70 years of operation, we have worked on all types and sizes of construction projects, ranging in value from $20,000 to more than $150 million.

Our experience in dealing with high profile sites, multi-unit residential construction and public safety is unmatched.

We have special expertise in refurbishment and seismic strengthening.


Strong management is vital in construction.  We lead from the front with clear communication, careful planning and an unrelenting approach to quality and performance.


Our firm’s founder, Laurie McGuinness, who priced jobs and materials using a carpenter’s pencil, paper and hand-levered calculator in his Tui Street joinery shop over 50 years ago, would have marvelled at today’s technology.

We are the first New Zealand company to use a construction management technology called Procore which provides cloud-based construction software to clients across the globe.



LT McGuinness pride ourselves on being the market leader in the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) process. We have had a comprehensive history of successful ECI projects and are the preferred contractor of choice in this space.

Many of our most successful projects have had considerable ECI input. We ensure that we play a key part in the pre-construction phase, adding value by being innovative, doing our homework and being a strong voice at the table.

We believe the more work you put in up front, the better the resulting construction phase will be.

We understand development and sensitivities that can make or not make a project successful. We must all win for a project to be successful. An early inception phase presents a great opportunity to ‘get it right’.

Fundamentally there are two key objectives:

  1. Buildability & Design
  2. Staging & Programme

Please see adjacent diagrams on the key influences on these objectives during the ECI phase. 

Our ECI approach is underpinned by our company principles outlined below:

Real ECI – Being at the table, contributing to the design team, thinking smart and doing our homework.

Adding value – Thinking outside the box and contributing to strategies that are safe, with sensible construction and economic outcomes.

Desire and willingness to do well – We can not let our team mates down, we need to perform and always look for the solution, not the problem.

Clear mindset –That we all must win for the project to be successful, including consultants and sub-contractors.

Lead smart value engineering  – Provides value but doesn’t compromise quality or design outcomes.

Procurement – Drive the specification to ensure proven, quality materials which are cost effective are used.

Making it enjoyable – A few laughs, and ensuring we contribute to the project culture and partnership.

Safety is always paramount – And nothing is worth someone getting injured – safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Ensuring – Decision makers are at the table from day one and are there throughout the project life cycle.

Trust – Contracts are secondary to the trust principle of doing it right and treating each other fairly.

Integrity – Being upfront about issues, ensuring everyone is aware of potential risks and contributing to strategies to deal with them.



Since 2015 we have directly employed an Architect to deliver a range of in-house services to aid our project and client teams. This has now expanded to a team of five.

The key services we offer for clients include: Feasibility studies, architectural test fit options, design guidance, 3D point cloud and reinforcing scanning services, full Architectural services to take projects through to building consent and construction monitoring.

The key services we offer for construction projects include: Methodology modelling and sequencing, 4D programming, design coordination, and BIM services.

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