“Everyone has always got your back. LT McGuinness has a really great work culture. They’re really supportive especially with me being an apprentice. There is always someone to help out.”

Georgia Stevenson, Apprentice Carpenter

“You get treated like you’re part of the family. That’s what you want. You don’t want to just be a number. I don’t look back on the jobs so much as the people I have been involved with”

Dion Russell, Senior Construction Manager

“I was attracted to LT McGuinness because it’s a family owned well established company that really values its people. Others perceive LT as leaders in the industry with a great culture and hard working people that take pride in their work and follow through with promises.”

Olivia Crabbe, Facilities Manager

“The culture at LT McGuinness is very collaborative. Each project gives me a lot of pride when its completed and I get great satisfaction seeing the development of the younger staff and their career progression.

Mark Mulhern, Project Manager

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