Central Park Flats

Project Summary

Client: Wellington City Council

Project Type: Social Housing

Project Timeframe: 2010 - 2012

Architects: Novak And Middleton

Project Description

Life for Wellington City Council tenants in the Central Park Flats has become safer and more comfortable following a two-year refurbishment by LT McGuinness. The council is New Zealand’s second biggest landlord, and the 50-year-old complex at the foot of Brooklyn Hill is one of its biggest investments. 

The project involved a major seismic upgrade and structural reconfiguration of the entire complex and its 190 flats. The earthquake strengthening has lifted the apartment blocks to 70 percent of the current building code.

Reducing the 52 entrances by dividing the complex into 16-unit segments where tenants can control access has also greatly improved security.

Doing away with internal corridors, opening kitchen and living spaces, and giving each unit its own balcony or courtyard has delivered additional living space. In addition, the cold, damp units have been transformed with modern insulation installed in walls and ceilings, improvements to heating and ventilation, and double glazing of windows.

Media: Redesigned and upgraded Central Park Apartments win award (May 2014)

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