Commercial Bay Principal Works

Project Summary

Client: Precinct Properties

Project Type: Retail, Food And Beverage

Project Timeframe: 2019-2020

Architects: Warren And Mahoney

Project Description

The Commercial Bay project is creating a business, retail and food and beverage hub at the heart of the Auckland waterfront. Eventually five office towers will be connected at the base level by three floors of retail and hospitality, and over 10,000 people will work in the complex.

Logistically, Commercial Bay was extraordinarily challenging. It was surrounded on all four sides by significant road and streetscape upgrades controlled by two other parties under separate contracts. Site access changed daily and for loading bay access and cranage, the 23 LT McGuinness staff had to rely on close cooperation with others. The level of multi-contract co-ordination was significantly more than usual.

With another contractor responsible for the main construction, LT McGuinness took on base-build work, structural strengthening of an adjoining existing building, coring concrete and installation of pipework and removal and reinstatement of services across the bottom three levels, before completing part of the fitout and glass installation in shop fronts and canopies.

The strengthening saw 30 tonnes of steel added across the three floors of an adjoining existing building. One floor alone required more than 20 tonnes of steelwork erected on its underside. Over 1230 holes were scanned, drilled and epoxied to complete the strengthening works.

Other significant works saw large sliding door glazed facades added, a mezzanine floor constructed within an existing space and a new triple height floor void formation, together with the erection of a suspended staircase.

One outstanding feature added by LT McGuinness is an operable glazed louvre façade. Its components were fabricated in Germany then imported for assembly in Australia and New Zealand. Its placement had to be timed with parallel procurement of façade components and ongoing structural steel adjustment works.

The louvre facade transformed the previous space into a modern restaurant. Just days before the Covid-19 lockdown, scaffolding was removed to unveil sweeping views of Waitemata Harbour.

LT McGuinness’ successful completion of its part of the project was a testament to impressive teamwork, great patience and a strong relationship with the client, Precinct Properties.

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