Generator 30 Waring Taylor Street

Project Summary

Client: Precinct Properties

Project Type: Co-working office space

Project Timeframe: 2020-2021

Architects: Warren And Mahoney


Project Description

An at-risk five-level building in central Wellington has been seismically strengthened and transformed into a modern and flexible work environment for leading shared workspace provider, Generator. 30 Waring Taylor Street, home to auctioneer Dunbar Sloane for many years, now has spaces for co-working and meetings, for private offices, managed suites, event suites, breakout zones and even a fully licensed bar downstairs.

The building’s historical façade has been retained and character features such as high stud heights, timbers and exposed bricks are incorporated into the design.

Strengthening to bring it up to 100 per cent of the New Building Standard involved adding new five-storey shear walls and a full-height structural steel K frame. It has two new spiral staircases, one of exposed spiral steel with sides of rolled and curved 10mm plate.

Waring Taylor Street is a narrow, busy thoroughfare and number 30 has neighbouring buildings hard up against it on two sides, so the logistics for truck deliveries and cranes were difficult. A new slab, roof and stairwell introduced late in the contract added to the challenges.

However, LT McGuinness had engaged early with contractors and consultants and planning had been very thorough. A good team spirit had developed and the job was delivered the job on time and on budget.

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