One Market Lane

Project Summary

Client: Willis Bond And Co

Project Type: Multi-Unit Residential

Project Timeframe: 2013 - 2014

Architects: Studio Pacific Architecture


Project Description

Tenants moved into the 11-storey One Market Lane in February 2015, with the majority of the 42 apartments sold off the plans. The apartments occupy the top six levels while the next three levels are leased by Trade Me, with the lower levels carparks and retail.

With such a range of uses, the $50 million project posed a number of challenges. They included maximising spectacular views of Wellington harbour while ensuring a first class seismic performance.

Construction involved composite design, which means a lower podium section made of concrete and a tower section with a concrete core built out with steel. The seismic challenge saw innovations such as a steel hinge joint between the concrete foundations and the core to provide controlled lateral movement between the two systems.

‘Plastic hinge’ connections between concrete supports allow for increased ductility when the ground starts moving. These systems drew on Building Information Modelling (BIM – a digital representation of a building’s physical and functional characteristics), LT McGuinness’s expertise in seismic construction, pre-planning and pre-fabrication.

Apartment views are optimised in a number of ways. Modern materials such as GRC (glass reinforced concrete) have been used on the exterior, along with precast and aluminium cladding.  This allows for the lightweight continuation of spandrels, the spaces between the curves of an arch and its surrounding rectangular framework, without large precast beams or bracing.  Other features of the façade include black butt timber for the soffits, the undersides of arches, balconies, or overhanging eaves.

Floor to ceiling windows are double glazed and the expansive interiors, with their modern kitchens and fully-tiled bathrooms, make full use of the building’s geometry to draw in the site’s views and light.

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