Weltec Polytechnic

Project Summary

Client: Weltec

Project Type: Educational

Project Timeframe: 2001 - 2002

Architects: Designgroup Stapleton Architects

Project Description

This project on the campus of Weltec Polytechnic in Petone was to create a student hub from three buildings around a courtyard. With students sitting exams until late October, LT McGuinness had just 12 weeks on-site to complete the work before the new academic year in 2002.

Preparation began off-site with building a prefabricated roof at a steel fixers’ yard in Upper Hutt, later bringing it down to Petone in sections to drop on top of temporary supporting scaffolds. Interior work began early in November to connect it to the existing building, put posts in and add skylights.

The firm’s staff showed extraordinary dedication in working through the Christmas period with minimal holiday breaks, and met the deadline with days to spare.

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