Z Energy

Project Summary

Client: Z Energy

Project Type: Commercial

Project Timeframe: 2012 - 2013

Architects: Jasmax

Project Description

Built in 1995, the Queens Wharf retail centre was modelled on old wharf sheds. Retail struggled in the building, however, until it was converted primarily into commercial office space in 2000, with Z Energy (then Shell) one of the first major tenants.

Having worked on the earlier conversion, LT McGuinness returned in 2012 to complete a large-scale fitout of the company’s single floorplate offices. The interior design was a one-off and the project featured several unique but rewarding challenges.

Some of the internal canopy works and expansive meeting rooms were actually independent structures within the office itself. A lot of preplanning and prefabrication went into erecting those elements within the existing building. Prefabrication allowed those elements to be built on the slab then lifted into place without the need for large scaffolds. The end result is an open, colourful and highly functional office workspace.

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