Torren Isaako is a 2022 winner of a Tania Dalton Foundation scholarship supported by LT McGuinness. Born and bred in Porirua, Torren lives with her parents, nan, and two-year-old brother.

She is of Samoan, Cook Island, Māori and Italian descent. Her parents have lived most of their lives in Porirua and the family are proud members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Torren’s always enjoyed any sport that involved a ball. She took up netball when she was just six: “It looked really fun so I wanted to give it a go, and it helped that my Dad played too.” She played as many sports as she could before narrowing them down her favourite, netball, and she’s made lifelong friends through the sport.

“I love netball because it is a way for me to express myself. I also love the physical, mental and social challenge.”

Torren is studying commerce at Victoria University of Wellington, majoring in Marketing and Finance. She hopes to graduate in three years and, in five years, would love to be completing a Masters of Business Administration and playing in the ANZ netball premiership.


“One thing about myself that I think is quite funny,” she says, “is that I was an only child for almost 17 years until we were blessed with a baby brother.”


If she could change one thing in the world, it would be that everyone is kind to each other regardless of another’s background or situation.

“I am beyond grateful that I have received a scholarship with the Tania Dalton Foundation.” The scholarship programme gives financial support and personal development through workshops, one-on-one mentoring and pastoral support over three years. Recipients learn how to be mentally resilient and how to manage outside life with sport. They also benefit from being around other aspiring young female athletes. Torren’s local netball centre put her name forward for the scholarship and, after she sent off her application, she was shortlisted then interviewed by the Tania Dalton Foundation board.

“I remember receiving a call from Duane Dalton at high school and I was so overwhelmed with joy that I called my Dad straight away.”

The Tania Dalton Foundation was created in honour of the sporting legend and larger-than-life commentator, Tania Dalton, who was a firm believer in the values of sport and how it teaches us resilience, to win and lose graciously, and to put team before self.

The Foundation aims to make a meaningful difference to young New Zealanders in our community. It is a registered Charitable Trust and LT McGuinness is a partner and scholarship funder. Twelve recipients are selected each year and paired up with scholarship partners. In Torren’s case, that’s LT McGuinness, who are providing financial support over three years.

Foundation founder and husband, Duane Dalton, says his late wife Tania would be absolutely thrilled with the progress the Foundation has made. Having the chance to see the girls enter the programme and then watch them progress until they graduate is humbling and something Tania would cherish.

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